Legislation recently introduced in the Minnesota House of Representatives (HF 3770) and the State Senate (SF 3642) to establish a 200-foot setback from shore for wakesurfing. The National Marine Manufacturers Association said in a statement that the legislation is an example of the boating industry “coming together in support of a practical policy for communities, property owners and boaters.”

The legislation would put in place a 200-foot distance from the shoreline and structures for all wakesurfing activities in Minnesota. The NMMA said in the statement that the boating community supports the law because it’s “clear, consistent and effective.”

NMMA said what makes the legislation clear is that 200 feet are easily identifiable for boaters and enforcement officers. It’s consistent because the legislation is in accordance with existing personal watercraft statutes, and it’s effective because a scientist determined that a 200-foot distance prevents wakes from impacting shorelines and structures. (Source: Soundings Trade Only)