Boating Magazine recently named the Yamaha EXR WaveRunner to its list of ‘Great Boats Under $20,000″. Comprised with a mix of sport boats, fishing boats, pontoon boats, and PWC, the Yamaha EXR WaveRunner comes in as the least expensive boat on the list.

Excerpted from Boating Magazine: “Under $10,000, but delivering speeds exceeding 50-mph and capable of handling a crew of three, this Yamaha WaveRunner could be the path to the water for a boating family.”

“Yamaha’s high-tech Nano 2 system reduces the EXR’s weight to 540 pounds, a 60-pound drop from the otherwise comparable EX Deluxe. Added power comes from modifying the engine control unit (ECU), which ups the 1,049 cc three-cylinder TR-1 engine’s horsepower by roughly 10 percent.”

“RiDE, Yamaha’s dual control system, gives forward and reverse thrust separate throttles on opposite sides of the handlebar. There’s also two-tone Hydro-Turf EVA traction mats, a spring-loaded boarding step, and dual mirrors are all standard.”

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