Designed for the more adventurous Yamaha VX WaveRunner owner who enjoys extended cruises or wants to fish from their PWC, Yamaha is now offering a unique storage solution that is compression-molded for added ruggedness and versatility but is actually a soft case that can serve as an insulated cooler because of its outstanding thermal properties. In addition, you can also use it for a fishing setup with rod holders and tackle storage to create a fully fishing-capable WaveRunner. MSRP for the stern storage is $249.99. Add an additional $129.99 for the optional cooler bag.

Yamaha EX Series Hatch Storage, MSRP $54.99.

For the Yamaha EX Series WaveRunners, a new expanded EX storage replaces the existing storage tray with a larger storage bag that takes full advantage of the interior space. There is also a deck lid storage that is waterproof and compression-molded for an integrated look as well as a brand new stern storage bag. MSRP for three pieces is $260.97.

All of Yamaha’s new accessories are featured on the company’s websites at and They can be purchased from your local Yamaha dealer.